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Well just to start off, my name is Matt Poe. I am a Certified Ophthalmic Assistant and working towards my Certified Retinal Angiographer certification. I work at Northwest Arkansas Retina Associates in Springdale, AR. I've been an Ophthalmic Photographer only since December of '08. I started at a general Ophthalmology practice in Rogers, AR called BoozmanHof Eye Clinic. There I was trained by an amazing photographer, Mike McKenzie who worked under Howard Schatz, MD years ago while Dr. Schatz was still practicing before he began to be a world renowned photographer. While working at BoozmanHof Eye Clinic I got to work under some great physicians. My love for photographing the eye really blossomed. To me, ophthalmic photography is a wonderful and challenging field. After working there for 6 years I decided I wanted to work for a retina specialist. Over the years I started to really be fascinated with the retina and how it works. In July 2013 I started at NWA Retina Associates and have loved it ever since. Working for a retina specialist we get to see very interesting cases. In this field we really get to help people and to me that�s what it is all about. Eventually I would love to work for a retinal research foundation to help find treatments and cures for retinal diseases. Needless to say I created this website to help show people what different diseases look like. Everytime I come across a rare or interesting case I put the photos up on here to show you all so keep coming back and enjoy!

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Matt Poe
Email: mrmattpoe@gmail.com

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