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Slit Lamp Photography is photography of the front portion of the eye. If a physician wants us to take a picture of either a foreign body in the cornea (very front of eye) or say they have an infection on the cornea or iris we would use this. The slit lamp camera is the same as what the doctors look through, only difference is you can adjust what magnification you want and all different types of lighting adjustments so the picture can turn out as good as possible, which can be difficult to do.

Here are some photos I've taken.

Dislocated IOL

Dislocated AC IOL

Subluxated Lens    



Herpes Zoster & Ulcer

Iris Atrophy

Viral Keratitis

Corneal Laceration

Expulsive Hemorrhage


Ulcer post PK

Herpes Simplex Keratitis

Vitreous in AC

Ex-PRESS Shunt

Artificial Cornea

Transcend's Cypass Implant

Iritis with Synechia

Glaukos iStent

Pigmentary Dispersion Syndrome


Foreign Body

Epithelial Ingrowth

Corneal Hydrops

Conjunctival Cyst

Iris Anomaly

Rubeosis Iridis